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Lilac Hearach Isle of Harris Upcyled Gin Lamp

Lilac Harris Tweed cloth is what we have used for this stunning lamp. Matches the bottle to perfection.  Upcycling the empty bottle of Isle of Harris Gin which is also produced on the Island, The bottle is stunning on it's own but we think it looks better with a Harris Tweed Lampshade.. we'd love to make you a set.  Cushions can be made to match your lamp.  For every empty bottle that is gifted to us for the lamps we make a small donation to a local charity.  
The bottle has a drilled hole at the back to allow us to put the cable through the bottle so it does not hang over the neck..  Bottle is included. 
Other Harris Tweed colours are available, just ask! White cable is what you will receive
Lamps are on a 3 week delay in orders due to the amount of orders that came in over the last week.
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Condition New